Game developer Blizzard offers good news to its avid gaming fans. The company has just released an update to its popular game Overwatch. The game’s update now contains new skins, and modes, among others. Not only that, Blizzard had kicked off the yuletide celebration with the Winter Wonderland event last year.


But this is not just the simple holiday treat for Blizzard’s gamers; they can now access new skins, and a limited-time mode, and other gaming perks as part of the update, a report from Gamespot said.

What’s new with Blizzard’s update?


Apart from the limited-time mode, Blizzard has also teased the players of the Junkrat and Roadhog skins. These skins are supposed to be part of the Legendary skins. Game developers branded the Overwatch’s skins as the major highlights of the yuletide update.



Also, fans of the Overwatch will get to enjoy the fresh added looks of both Ana and Sombra. In the update, gamers can also view all Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins in the game’s gallery. Blizzard added that the update the includes an innovative and fresh Black Forest which has a winterized version. Included also is the expected come back from the holiday-themed version of King’s Row and Hanamaura.




On the other hand, gamers can also play the Mei’s Snowball Offensive Brawl in the winterized Black Forest. They can also play a new brawl that the gaming studio introduced. Blizzard’s new brawl offers more excitement and adrenaline-packed actions compared to its previous counterpart.



Gamers can play the Winter Wonderlands by January 1. The game is expected to be rolled out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game is packed with last year’s skins and content, among others. Gamers can buy the Legendary skins for 1000 credits, Epic skins for 250, Rare skins for 75 and Common skins for 25, respectively.