AvatarLab: Advertisers Snap to $Millions


Snapchat is alive and kicking as it ushers in 2018 with AR lenses that level-up user and advertiser experience with AvatarLabs. AvatarLabs, chosen as one of seven AR development partners of Snap is not a newbie in the digital world. Before developing custom Snap World and Face Lenses for advertisers on Snap, it had built a solid reputation as a full, interactive agency in film, gaming, and advertising.

“No one else is delivering creative Augmented Reality experiences at the scale of Snap and we are thrilled to be able to offer cutting-edge engagement direct to our clients.” – Bill Hargis, Creative Director at AvatarLabs

It was behind Fox Motion Pictures Sponsored Lens for its Peanuts Movie promotion which fully captured the fun behind the Charles Schultz Gen X favorite while updating it for CG-savvy netizens. Did the Snap challenge capture the imagination of teens and millennials? It was a gamble that evidently paid off after the story was picked up by the leading names in media, earning $44M during its opening, largely from the 100M or so Snap users.

Since 2011, it had leap-frogged from storytelling in social media to running campaigns for 7 of the world’s highest grossing films of all‑time! It brings to Snap its rich experience in engaging its audience through display media, gaming, and web content across a variety of social and business niches. From 2014 where it was part of top-grossers like Game of Thrones and Resident Evil, it now has Disney, Marvel, HBO, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, ABC, NBC, WB, Mattel, Plantronics, Amazon, and major consumer goods companies as clients.

Another area where AvatarLabs excels in is the Choose Your Adventure ad, an interactive storytelling experience that is a boon to advertisers. It’s fun, takes you into the experience, and is never hard-sell. The ads are so simple, relate to a common human experience, and gets you to push that CTA button almost effortlessly.

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Snap Ad Demo from AvatarLabs on Vimeo.

AvatarLabs’s expertise in augmented reality, social media, live streaming, digital storytelling, and video creation is at the disposal of today’s advertiser who wants more of filters, lenses, Snap Ads, 360 Videos and Snapchat Content Strategy for brand awareness. Use that on Snap, judged as the most important social media of US teens in 2017 (ahead of Instagram and Facebook) with a third of its 37M adult users in the 18-24 age-group, and it would seem like a marriage made in social media heaven.