Uber Company Tries to Rebuild Love With Its Drivers

Uber company

Uber Company: Rebuilding Love

The Uber company has been known for its “Cultural Values” for the past few years. But we also know about the controversy that it has undergone.

It used to have its so-called cultural values posted on their walls. But lately, those values were replaced by pictures of Uber drivers with their motto.

The controversial removal of its co-founder slash CEO was a big blow for the company which would need time to heal.

Uber is now doing a major damage control and mends its relationship with its drivers.

As we all know,Uber drivers have been complaining about lower pay, longer working hours and little to no support.

They’ve done various things to show their protests but to no avail. They filed lawsuits and even quit driving.

But Uber’s very existence relies on its drivers. They are the company’s lifeblood.

A representative from the company said that they are doing something. They are re-examining everything in order to rebuild the love between the company and its employees.