Artificial Intelligence is Said to be Opened in China According To Google


Artificial Intelligence by Google


Google chose China to have its very first Artificial Intelligence Research Center. Despite having most of its services blocked in the country, they still chose it.

Fei-fei Li, the chief scientist of Google said that the science of AI has no borders neither do its benefits. But because of the so-called Great Firewall of China, the borders are fortified resulting to the blockage of the sites.

Google eventually stopped trying but the millions of internet users make it hard for the market to ignore. Google is very vocal as well about rebuilding its existence in the country.

DeepMind, an artificial intelligence unit teamed up with some Chinese authorities for a festival in the country.

Putting up an AI center in China is the latest move by Google.

China has an aim of becoming the global leader and this move by Google is going to be a big help to attain it.

The Google AI will not just publish its own works. It will also support the AI research of China.

But there are some downsides.

Google is aware that China is using artificial intelligence for surveillance of its citizens. But the company is reliable enough and they made sure that IP theft is not going to be a problem for citizens.