Who among you hates those unwanted ads whenever we click something from a website? Well, I do, I do, I do! But it’s a bit scary to find an ad blocker because some of them have viruses. And we don’t want any virus in our gadgets, right?

Ad blocker for Google Chrome

Google announced earlier this year that they will do something about those spammy and intrusive advertisements. An ad blocker which will be launched on February 15, 2018 was established by the company.

The blocker won’t remove ALL ads — but it will remove those bad advertisements including offensive ones.

It will also ban full page ads, auto playing video ads, among others.

Google will notify websites that contain these ads of a potential blocking through its Ad Experience Report tool. If the reported sites fail to report within 30 days, all of their ads will be removed. And when I say all, it includes those of Google’s.

After this, they will submit again for manual review in order to reactivate their ads after filtering the spammy ones.

The goal is self-explanatory. It will help filter those ads which can affect a person’s work because it keeps on popping up. But for those who can dig deeper, this will let Google have more power over the internet world.