You went on a trip with your best buddies and you have loads of pictures. Your friend uploads it but is too lazy to tag each one of you. You remain untagged but you want the pictures to be shown in your timeline. The solution? Facebook’s facial recognition.

Facial recognition helps you with those untagged photos

It’s not everyday that you get to check your friends’ profiles to see if they uploaded pictures of you, right? Facebook added a new feature which can help you manage pictures which includes you.

Photo Review is a facial recognition feature which alerts or notifies you if a friend uploaded a picture of you. You have the power to tag yourself, ask the uploader to take it down or do nothing at all.

This newly launched feature will help people be aware if someone else uploaded their photos. For example, if someone wants to impersonate you or stand as your “poser”, photo review will notify you because profile pictures are public.

But of course, everything has its limit.

If the photo is set to a certain audience privacy, then you won’t get alerts. When a photo is set to “Friends Only”, and you’re not associated with that person’s account, then the photo review will be rendered useless.

Another is when you’re blocked from that person’s account, then no matter what privacy the photo will be in, you still won’t get notified. This is the saving point for “posers”. They’ll just block you and continue using your pictures for their schemes.

While it might be seen as weakening privacy, Photo Review could be enhancing it. Whether it’s an unauthorized photo of you that you want taken off Facebook, an embarrassing picture you don’t want tagged but want to monitor comments on, or someone trying to pretend to be you, this feature gives people more visibility into how their likeness is used.