3G Signal Goes Byebye In Order to Make Way for 4G LTE


With technology and gadgets improvising, it’s not a shock for mobile signals to improve as well. We now have 2G, 3G and 4G — 4G as the fastest one for now.

There are places wherein all these signals are available but not everywhere.

Vodafone Will Kill Its 3G Signal for LTE

Old wireless tech is dying whether we like it or not. But Vodafone Netherlands is being advanced. They are going to kill their 3G Signal on the year 2020 to make way for their 4G or also known as LTE signal.

Their reason is to boost up the usage of LTE signal in the country. But here’s the catch: they will still retain the 2G signal.

2G signal is meant for texting and calling according to the company’s representatives. Two years from now, internet connectivity will be LTE (4G) or nothing.

This telecommunications company doesn’t stop consumers from buying 2G-phones. But they strongly advice consumers to have second thoughts in buying 3G-phones just like Nokia, (which just upgraded from 2G).

Well, if this happens, it is indeed useless to buy a 3G phone if you mean to use it for internet connectivity.

But then again, this was just confirmed for Vodafone Netherlands. No news yet if their other branches will follow suit. Just tune in for now.