Garena Releases New Champion for League of Legends


For those League of Legend players out there, it’s time to be happy because they just released the latest addition to their line of champions: ZOE.

As a League of Legends player myself, each new champion excites me and I would wait for my rest day to buy and try it out. Zoe is known to have feelings for Ezreal and is Lux’s rival. But is she all that? Let’s take a peek at the newest champion.

Garena: Newest Champion
Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe may look like a child but don’t be deceived by looks. She can also be a pain in the head like the other champions so let’s talk about her abilities. First is her Passive, it’s called More Sparkles. After Zoe casts a spell, her basic attack deals bonus damage.

Her First skill (Q) is called Paddle Star. This is a skill where Zoe fires a star that deals magic damage. She can re-cast the skill mid-flight to redirect the star to a new position. The farther the star is, the bigger the damage it makes to the enemy. Zoe’s Second skill (W) is Spell Thief. For an extended period of time, enemy drop spells and Zoe can pick them up. Some minions also carry spells or any active item.

Third skill (E) is called Sleepy Trouble Bubble. This is the skill where Zoe throws a bubble which hits the first target. For a duration of time, the hit target will be drowsy until it falls asleep. An asleep enemy champion can’t move or cast a skill. Last but definitely not the least, her Ultimate skill (R) which is portal jump. She briefly teleport to a targeted position and teleport back.


I have already been playing Zoe in Mid and as a Support but I’d go for the Support role. It’s a bit hard to harass as Zoe when you play mid but it’s a great setter if you play support.