Chuck Norris Fights Bad Guys Nonstop on iOS and Android

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Nonstop

Who is Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris is an American Martial Artist, Actor, Film Producer and Screenwriter (—talk about being multi-talented). Way of the Dragon, Good Guys, Wear Black are some of the films where Norris appeared.

Flaregames Introduces A New Game Inspired by Mr. Norris

Some of us love seeing Mr. Norris in action, right? But what about having a chance to play as Chuck Norris’ assistant in an action-packed game? Wicked, I know!

Well, I’m happy to tell all of you Mr. Norris’ fans out there that you can play with your favorite star! Flaregames just released Chuck Norris Nonstop — a game where you can play as Mr. Norris’ sidekick and fight bad guys using different kinds of weapon.

Yes, the game is nonstop. It’s full of action-packed adventures as you assist Mr. Norris to go through every obstacle that comes your way. You get to travel to multiple universes and do a lot of other things while collecting fun facts about him. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

You also have the option to power up Mr. Norris by making him use funny weapons like foldable chairs, selfie sticks, and much more. You’d also get to unlock some of his signature moves like Roundhouse Kicks and Fist Slams.

Chuck Norris Nonstop is available for iOS and Android phones. Stay tuned for another article about some tips in playing this game.