Sony pulls the plug on its e-reader


In yet another sad news for Sony, the Japanese company has announced that production for their e-reader will cease after transferring its ebook business to Kobo.

“Final production of the current Reader model, PRS-T3, was made at the end of May,” a spokeswoman for Sony in Tokyo has written in an email. She also added that the products will be available for purchasing while stocks last and that there there no plans to manufacture more or design replacement.

Sony discontinues e-reader Launched last year, the 6-inch PRS-T3 weighs 200 grams and has a battery life of six to eight weeks. It was make available in 20 countries except in the US.

The Japanese company was actually the first to come up with an e-reader using e-ink display that made long-time reading easier and extended the battery life. Amazon’s Kindle however eventually took over the e-reader market and since then has held its place with their huge range of ebook titles.

Earlier this year, Sony has also announced they are shedding their Vaio PC business to a Japanese investment firm as the company struggles to keep up with their restructuring efforts.