GameStop Finally Simplifies Trade-Ins!

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Gamestop Finally Simplifies Trade-Ins

Now I’m not an avid gamer, but I do play games on a semi-regular basis but for whatever reason I always go to GameStop to get new games. Maybe it was their marketing that got to me or something… but just so you know this is not a sponsored article.

Anywho, somewhere along the lines I realized I could trade-in my games for either cash or credit to new game purchases. This I liked because A) I didn’t have unplayed games taking up space in my home and B) I could use the funds for another game or just to get some of my money back. Turns out this is where the rules got really goofy when it came to trading my old games in. This game only gets you this amount of money, but if you bundle it with this other game you get more; or we can’t buy this game back; or this game loses trade-in value the longer you wait to turn it in (which is dumb if it was a game I liked and I didn’t want to be rushed into having to finish it)… you get the idea.

GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) decided to simplify their trade-in program. This new, streamlined program is rolling out nationwide on August 18th. It doesn’t apply to all games, but they have added around 100 games that are worth $20 or more to the program and replacing the current 10 possible price points with four. So if your game is worth $20 and you are a PowerUp Rewards Pro member you could get up to a $22 credit or $16 if you are a non-member.

And the reason for this whole article, and why I decided to do a quick write up, is because of a cool statistic I found. According to GameStop, 70% of trade-in customers applied their credits to the purchase of new games, consoles, and mobile electronics. Pretty sweet deal I’d say.