Move over Snapchat, Instagram’s Bolt is here


Facebook-owned Instagram has recently unveiled it’s latest offering to the world, Bolt.

This new messaging app allows users to send self-deletable photos and video messages on their smartphones, very similar to the already-popular Snapchat.


With just a click, users can both select recipients to send photos to and take a photo at the same time. Users can also add up to 20 favourites from their contact list and can choose up to 4 often-used names to display on a toolbar on the screen.

Excited to try it? Hold your horses though. As of this writing, the app is only available in three countries – Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa – for their soft launch. In a statement to Verge, Instagram explains that they want to maintain quality control and are looking to “scale the experience”.

And as what seems to be the trend with every launch, Bolt is not met without any snags. Apparently, an existing app of the same name has already been around for a year and they are not happy about this. The first Bolt app lets users talk for free with other Bolt users and seeks to replace traditional voice calling and messaging.

The company has already reached out to Facebook and Instagram asking them to change the name. No word yet as to how the social media giant will respond to this issue.


  1. I’m already noervus about letting my kids on social media, because of all the questionable material they could be exposed to. The thought of it as just another ground for bullying is even more terrifying. We’ve already had the talk that they will not be allowed any social media (or personal electronic device) until they are at least 13. And I still reserve the right to push that date back. Even if I earn the title of meanest mom.

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