Feel like a millionaire with the iVIP Black app membership

World's most expensive app

World's most expensive app Premium apps in the Apple App Store have made a name for themselves. Though free apps still rule the electronic market, these premium or paid apps have their own niche and fans. Why buy an expensive smartphone and not purchase quality apps, right?

If you’ve got money to spare and would want to be a member of an elite few, then why not purchase an app that makes you feel like a millionaire? Well, I guess millionaires are the only ones who can afford the iVIP Black.

The iVIP Black is one of the most expensive iPhone apps out there.

Priced at $999.99, this app hooks you up to a 1-year membership in a concierge service that will enable you to enjoy VIP treatments and deal with just a single tap on the app.

It doesn’t mean that if you can afford the iVIP Black app, then you can already be a member, as you would have to undergo a stringent interview process and you have to prove that you are a “High Net Worth individual”.

The iVIP Black service is only available in UK. Once a member, you can personalize your iVIP Black membership that allows you to enjoy exclusive perks such as access to private islands and entrourage services.

Image Source: extravaganza.com