Xbox Music set to arrive this month

Microsoft music streaming service set to launch this month

Microsoft music streaming service set to launch this month

Microsoft fans may not wait long for the coming of the company’s Xbox Music, as reports say that the latter will be launched this month.

According to the Verge, a number of sources that have close ties with the company said that the launch of their new music streaming service will be this October 26.

The launch of Xbox Music will coincide with the launch of the company’s Surface tablet and Windows 8 operating system.

The company’s streaming service was first revealed during the E3 conference a few months ago. The service is rumored to offer music download and streaming to Xbox 360 owners, Windows Phone and Windows 8 and cloud storage as well.

The service is subscription based but they will also offer free streaming songs that are supported by ads.

Xbox Music is also said to be available to Android and iOS users but this might come at a later time.

The Verge also said that the company will be rolling out update to Xbox’s dashboard to support Xbox Music and they will also be updating Video and Music apps for W8 to support the coming music streaming service.

Microsoft failed to comment on the leak but they said that they will have a dedicated music service for their fans.

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