Samsung Galaxy S III to carry QuickTap technology soon


QuickTap technology coming on Samsung Galaxy S III Ever heard of the QuikTap functionality?

It is a contactless payment system developed by Barclays which uses NFC and allows users to purchase for their goods without keying in their PIN numbers.

And the first ever Android to have this technology is: Samsung Galaxy S III.

Revealed by Orange and Barclaycard to be the first Android phone to get the Quicktap functionality, the Samsung Galaxy S III now allows its users to find a Quicktap enabled shop and pay for their goods or services by giving the payment machine a quick tap.

Smartphones such as the Tocco and Wave 578 are already carrying the QuickTap technology. Now, here comes the very first Android smartphone to carry it.

In order for Samsung Galaxy S III users to use the technology, they have to be on the Orange network first and should have received your phone from September 5. Users also have to have a UK MasterCard or Visa card.

New Samsung Galaxy S III users will also get 50 Pounds of credit in their QuickTap accounts. This comes as bad news to those who bought their Samsung Galaxy S III after it was initially released.

There are currently about 100,000 vendors that support that QuickTap technology.

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