Hi-Call: Knitted glove that allows you to make a call with your hand

Bluetooth glove for calls

Bluetooth glove for calls The IFA conference last week in Berlin was a success to tech companies all over the world. The big companies were not the only one who took to the conference. Instead, small start-ups presented their products much to the excitement of tech communities across the globe.

One of which is a company called Hi-Fun which brought with them their phone call glove called the Hi-Call.

The Hi-Call is a wool-knit hand socks that has Bluetooth capability. It has a built in hardware to enable you to make calls with the device.

Remember trying to mimic making a call with your hand?

The Hi-Call has the speaker on the thumb portion of the glove while the mic is located on the pinky finger.

Brian Heater of Engadget was able try on this contraption. Though Hi-Call is a great way to make a call, the reviewer found it hard to hear the caller on the other line.

The phone volume is controlled by your smartphone’s native volume. A low volume coming from your device combined with bad signal made it bad for the reviewer to hear the person on the other line.

Though if it would be in a different environment, the results could possibly be different.

Image Source: engadget.com