Nokia working on Nimbuzz Messenger for Windows devices

Nimbuzz for Nokia

Nimbuzz for Nokia Nokia may be harping on their devices that are being run by Windows, but the company still has the Symbian which have been one of their primary operating systems for their other lines.

A few years ago, Nokia has been a Symbian lair but now due to the demands of the market, they have teamed up with another OS provider to give its fans a new way of using their Nokias.

One of the primary apps that Symbian devices have is the Nimbuzz Messenger. Though it only has about 9 million users in the US, it has about 105 million users worldwide. These are most found in emerging market across numerous countries.

Nokia has since seen how important NimBuzz is to their products’ work. As such, the company is trying to develop a Nimbuzz Messenger that is compatible to their Lumia line of devices which runs on Windows.

According to Head of Operations at NimBuzz Joby Babu, “Nimbuzz has experienced incredible success on Nokia Symbian devices in the past, and Nokia saw a clear opportunity to assist us in bringing Nimbuzz to Lumia users around the world. Through bringing their most popular applications from Symbian to the Windows Mobile Platform, Nokia is looking to replicate on their past market successes.”

Will this move by Nokia enable the company to generate more income and more Lumia users?

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