Apple set to open their doors to the iPhone 4/S in their Buyback program

Apple buyback program

Apple buyback program Apple is offering their clients that want to trade in their old iPhone 4 units in order for them to upgrade to the company’s latest iPhone 5.

Apple has an iDevice buyback program and they have included the iPhone 4 in the lineup. This program allows Apple users to trade in their functional iPhone units for Apple Store gift cards.

To sell your old iPhone 4 device you have to answer question regarding the unit you’re trading in, such as your phone booting up, scratch marks, dents, water damage and others.

A working iPhone 4S that is in perfect condition will get $280 in return for their old device.

Apple is not only the only company offering to buy old Apple device.

Macworld said that Verizon and Sprint, two of the telecom companies carrying the iPhone 4, are also offering trade-ins for the latter for in-store credit.

Apple’s recycling program wants to recycle old electronics such as their iPhone. This is their way of helping to protect the environment and reducing wastes.

It is good to note that tons and tons of electronic devices are being thrown out due to the fast turnovers of such technology.

Are you interested to trade your old iPhone then for iPhone 5?

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