Sony rolls out MDR-1 range of headphones

Sony headphones

MDR-1 range of Sony headphones Want to listen to loud music but can’t do so due to the complications that it may bring cause of the raucous you create while you enjoy the beat?

Well, Sony might be of service to you as the Japanese company announced their latest gadget for music lovers.

Sony announced the availability of their premium MDR-1 range of headphones during the IFA convention in Germany. The headphones come in 3 distinct units that users can enjoy.

One variety of the MDR-1 is the MDR-1RBT line that features NFC capability and Bluetooth function so you can choose which one to pair with your music device. This headphone also comes with a cord so if you don’t like using up a ton of battery by going wireless, you can opt to use the cord.

Two of these come with non-wireless package but they offer the same sound quality of the MDR-1 range.

The MDR-1R has audio performance from 4Hz to 80 kHz. The other one is the MDR-1RNC which features noise cancelling capability that cancels out 99.7% of the noise around you. It can be used 22 hours before it needs to be charged.

The Sony MDR-1 range of headphones is a truly great companion for your music tracks. Are the new Sony headphones your next purchase then?

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