Nokia pulls out all the stops in the launch of the Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 along with the wireless charging dock

Multiple colors of the Lumia 920 lined up Yesterday we saw the launch of the new Windows 8 capable handsets from Nokia. For most people, it feels like just a slight upgrade from the Lumia series, but when there is nothing wrong with the way it looks, it doesn’t need to change completely.

As you may have guessed the higher end of the two devices is the Lumia 920. It will feature all the best that Nokia and Microsoft had in its pipeline. Some may wow you, but some may just feel like another one of those “meh” announcements. Certainly the event could have used a bit more flair, but who are we to judge? Nokia is already on a low budget here, and Microsoft is feeling secure from other manufacturer’s announcements already.

The power to run

Qualcomm must be very rich these days. Their processors are everywhere. Nokia found it fit to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor as the phone’s heart. We know how good these processors are, and it will have plenty of raw power to dish out for the Lumia 920. The 1 GB of RAM is a decent addition, but if it were up to us, they should have gone with 2 GB to give some sort of wow factor.

The power to show

The Lumia 920 gives you a pretty good 4.5 inch window to view your mobile world. Armed with WXGA resolution (1280×768), the view is pretty sharp. The display is protected by reinforced curved glass. It blends pretty well with the build of the device.

The Nokia City View Augmented reality is demonstrated on stage The power to capture

We all heard the announcement before that Nokia is strictly going to keep the PureView technology in Symbian for a while. They seemed adamant that they don’t want to include it in Windows 8 yet. Seems like they finally decided that their pockets won’t be lined well enough if they held something back, so they went ahead and added PureView on Nokia’s latest brainchild.

The Lumia 920 has a 41 megapixel resolution capacity thanks to the PureView technology. Thanks to the developments in PureView technology, the camera is able to take in more light than the average mobile camera, providing a better night shot, and a clearer day image. It also incorporates “floating lens” technology, allowing very stable shots to be taken on its camera.

Screen capture was also highlighted to be easier thanks to the lens button.

The power to see

The highlight of the teaser for Microsoft and Nokia’s event involved augmented reality. Nokia Maps, in conjunction with the amazing PureView camera onboard the device powers the Nokia City Lens app. This allows the user to view the world in augmented reality. With the Nokia City Lens app, you can see virtual signboards and information for certain stores in Nokia’s database.

The power of choice

You may not have multiple devices to choose from, but Nokia has you covered with plenty of colors to match the colorful tiles of the Windows 8 operating system. It comes in yellow, red, grey, white and black.

The Lumia 920 along with the wireless charging dock The power of no wires

An interesting addition to the lineup of features is the incorporation of wireless charging into the device. I don’t really see all the fuss with wireless charging, but a lot of people want this on their devices, even going so far as to purchase bulk enhancing accessories just to get that feature.

Nokia did present a rather powerful device right here. The specs and a lot of brand specific features make their device more appealing than others. It now depends on Microsoft and their Windows 8 on how well it will perform in the real world. The expectations are already raised on Windows 8 anyway and Microsoft is aware of it.

With all these features, will you finally switch back to Nokia?

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  1. Its a shame that you’ve had this experience, I’ve got a HTC diecve and havent run into as many troubles with Sense as you have. In saying that though I am considering either getting a pure andriod (ie nexus) diecve or waiting to see what the Windows8 phones are like. Like you i wish there was an easier way to get to the power of the hardware as my phone is actually built really nice. There is just so much additional crap from both the mobile maker and phone company that it just spoils things. Now my contract is up i am going for a payg sim and put a custom rom and wait and see.

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