Microsoft Windows Store opening its doors to new markets

app on Windows Store

app on Windows Store As of yesterday, Microsoft’s Windows Store opened its app store for Windows 8 and Windows RT to all developers in 120 markets across the globe.

According to post in the Windows Store for Developers blog, of these 120 markets, 82 of them are new.

Microsoft from their part will reward developers by giving them a one-year Windows Store developer account, as a benefit for their support to Microsoft.

As of August of this year, there were about 450 WinRT-based apps in the Windows Store.

Directions on Microsoft analyst Wes Miller said that 1,033 apps are already available in the Windows Store internationally.

Most of these apps that are now available in the Windows app store are games and consumer-focused applications. The latter is due to the fact that Microsoft is placing importance in their Windows 8 operating system to consumers more than businesses.

The company has been trying to recruit developers in many ways. They have conducted workshops, bootcamps and proof-of-concept development programs these past months.

Microsoft is even planning to hold their second Build developer conference this October to help developers and guide them on how to write apps for Windows 8.

Windows RT and Windows 8 will be launched this October.

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