Google releases YouTube app for iOS 6

YouTube for new iPhone

New Youtube app for iOS6 It was widely reported that the devices that will come with the iOS 6 OS from Apple will not have the pre-installed YouTube app on their gadgets.

But just a day before the supposed release of the latest iPhone, which is reportedly going to carry the iOS 6, Google has released a new version of the app that carries with it significant upgrades.

The previously designed YouTube app by Apple forbids advertising. Now, Google has enabled advertising, thus allowing more videos to be streamed on the app. This includes music videos and a whole lot more.

When YouTube and Apple went their separate ways, it gave opportunity to the video sharing site to improve on the app.

According to global director of platform partnership at YouTube Francisco Varela, “Over the years that resulted in a more limited experience for our users, and lots of frustration. We’re going to get rid of that.”

“You’re now going to be able to watch your Lady Gaga video on your phone,” he added.

YouTube is not finished with their YouTube app for iOS 6 just yet. The company gave hints as to what the future brings for the YouTube app.

The first thing you should do if you purchase the rumored iPhone is download this app to enjoy better streaming of videos!

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