HP releases 4 cool and new desktop computers

HP SpectreOne

HP SpectreOne We love gadgets that can be brought anywhere. Laptops, tablets and even smartphones have been selling like pancakes ever since they were introduced in the limelight a few years back.

The desktop computer has taken the backseat and has since seen a decrease in their sales. Though it is clearly still one of the most used in some areas of the society, a part of them have shied away from this gargantuan device (compared to your tablet and laptops of course).

But tech developer HP isn’t moving away from their desktop business. In fact, HP has released four new all-in-one computers that will run on Windows 8 and this includes their much anticipated SpectreOne.

The SpectreOne has a slim profile boasting only of 11.5mm and at the same time, it has NFC capabilities. The latter enables them to transfer data from a mobile device and sync them to different accounts in a breeze.

The SpectreOne will also feature the Beats Audio Technology and an HD front-facing webcam that can be controlled remotely.

The SpectreOne will run on Windows 8 and will be shipped with a touch-sensitive pad.

HP will also release their Envy 20 and Envy 23 Touchsmart Touchscreen PCs and the 20 inch Pavilion 20.

DWould you consider buying SpectreOne by HP then?

Image Source: bgr.com