Microsoft announces security bug in Internet Explorer

fix for Internet Explorer bug

fix for Internet Explorer bug In another huge setback for their Web browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer makes PCs vulnerable to attacks due to a newly discovered bug.

In a bid to protect their users, Microsoft has warned all those who use IE to download a security software to lessen the risk of being infected by the malware.

This bug affects millions of IE users by making them vulnerable to attack from hackers who exploit the bug to infect the computer of IE users who visit a malicious site. This will allow the hacker to take control of the victim’s computer.

Microsoft said that IE users should install a security software as a means to protect their computers temporarily. This is a temporary fix to the problem as Microsoft tries to find a final solution to the bug.

Called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit or Emet, this free security tool can be downloaded on the official website of Microsoft for free.

But analysts say that installation of this temporary fix may be troublesome to IE users so they suggest to use other Web browsers for the meantime. They can download Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and other Web browsers.

But will those who opt to install new Web browsers go back to IE after Microsoft fixes the bug? That is the problem.

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