Rovio to release Bad Piggies later this month

Bad Piggies release

Bad Piggies release Yahoo got the scoop on the upcoming Angry Birds Bad Piggies, the latest game for Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise. Instead of playing the birds, this game will make use of the pigs who were the previous targets.

Instead of flinging birds to dismantle the course, players will be able to build contraptions to protect the pigs and enable them to steal more eggs from the birds.

According to the Yahoo exclusive, Bad Piggies isn’t a spinoff of the Angry Birds game. Instead, Bad Piggies is a brand-new franchise.

According to EVP of Games at Rovio as told to Y! Games, “As far as the gameplay goes, Bad Piggies and Angry Birds are complete opposites. Angry Birds smash things up, Bad Piggies build stuff. The pigs are all about making plans and building things, even – and especially – when they don’t work.”

Vice president of franchise development for Rovio Ville Heijari added, “This is a long term commitment. This is the sibling of Angry Birds, and it will get a lot of push over time.”

The Game Bad Piggies will be released this coming September 27 for Android and iOS users. Plans for bringing the game to Windows Phone and PC users are in the works.

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