Instagram overtakes Twitter on number of daily mobile users

Instagram now more popular than Twitter


Instagram now more popular than Twitter

Instagram has hit another milestone, as the photo sharing app just passed Twitter in daily active users on mobile last month. This is the first time that the photo sharing app owned by Facebook has passed the micro blogging site with 7.3 million users daily against 6.9 million of the latter.

ComScore showed that Instagram’s daily users have increased tremendously since March of this year. Though Twitter’s daily users have also increased, it wasn’t able to keep pace with the photo sharing app.

To Twitter’s delight, they were able to have more unique visitors than Instagram. But this unique visitors didn’t turn into Twitter believers.

ComScore added that the average hours each user stays on Instagram is about 4 hours. For Twitter members, average daily use is of about 3 hours .

This is big news for Instagram and Facebook, as the latter is having trouble in their stock price which has fallen way beyond their initial price.

Will Facebook take advantage of Instgram’s popularity and monetize the photo sharing app? We will see in the future. But as of now, Instagram members can still enjoy their photo sharing app all they want and they better take all of it now as Facebook might rethink their plans for their 1 billion app.

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