Facebook rolls out revamped gifts feature

Gift giving feature on Facebook

Gift giving feature on Facebook

The fast paced lifestyle these days can be atrocious, especially when it affects our relationship with other individuals that are important to us. Though technology keeps communication lines open, technology also creates this world where invisible walls are hard to breach.

Forgetting someone’s special day, like birthdays and anniversaries, are hard to accept, especially if you’re the one who is celebrating it. Will you choke your friend for forgetting that momentous day of yours? If only you could.

Well, social networking giant Facebook would like to help those individuals who can’t seem to remember these special occasions.

Facebook is rolling out their gift-giving service today to enable members to buy items for their Facebook buddies.

The gifts range from food items to stuffed animals. You can send this gifts via a user’s birthday reminders or a friend’s timeline.

So how do you buy an item and gift it as a gift?

Users have to hit the gift button on a friend’s timeline or on the birthday reminders that pop up on their profile. You then choose a gift, select a card, review and send.

Once your friend receives the gift, he or she will be able to preview it and then enter the shipping address.

Check this new Facebook feature to find out more.

Image Source: venturebeat.com