services slowly going back to normal

527 hosted sites gets back to normal After experiencing hours of downtime, websites that are being hosted by have slowly been restored. Thousands of websites were affected across the globe after’s servers were down.

A group has stepped up and claimed the attack. Said to be affiliated with “Anonymous” this group sent a tweet that they were behind the outage. Though this has to be confirmed, but if it is true then this could be alarming to’s clients.

According to GoDaddy spokesperson Elizabeth Driscoll, the outage began at about 1:25 pm EDT. By 5:43 pm EDT, was back online and much of their customers sites were also up.

She added that no sensitive information was lost due to this. Information such as credit card data and passwords were not lost due to this problem. hosts about 5 million websites mostly coming from the SME sector.

Catherine Grison whose site is being hosted by said, “If I have o visuals I have nothing left except the accent.”

She added that she might be moving her site to another host since she is disappointed with’s services.

Kenneth Borg whose website is also being hosted by said, “We run our entire business through websites and emails.”

And since the service disruption, his business is greatly affected.

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  1. Good day:

    This issue should hopefully raise some questions to stewards / managers of small businesses:

    1. Does cheap web hosting lead to lost revenue?

    2. Can you find high value web hosting?

    3. Would it not be better for small businesses to support one another vs. going with large corporations like Godaddy, who advertisements sell on sexuality, where one will be treated with value vs. being just another number?

    Also, Hostgator, Bluehost, and hundreds of other companies are owned by EIG whose focus is cheap hosting. They throttle with a very heavy hand. While probably everyone in the world, at least by now, knows about the Godaddy outage, the heavy throttling could be far worse for small business owners as they may not know when customers can get to their sites.

    Thank you.

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