American Airlines pilots to start using iPads as their flight manuals

iPad on airplanes

iPad on airplanes American Airlines is set to shake up the airline industry as the company is going to be the first ever carrier to have their pilots use the iPad instead of using the paper-based flight manuals.

The company said that the Federal Aviation Administration allowed them to use the Apple iPad in the cockpit during the entire flight.

According to American Airlines, the switch to go from paper to electronic manuals will save them $1.2 million in fuel.

American Airlines vice president Captain John Hale said, “With this approval from the FAA, we will be able to use iPad to fully realize the benefits of our Electronic Flight Bag program, including improving the work environment for our pilots, reducing our dependency on paper products and increasing fuel efficiency on our planes.”

“We are equipping our people with the best resources and this will allow our pilots to fly more efficiently,” he added.

American Airlines can move to other tablets if the FAA approves the use of those tablet brands.

This could be a good sign for passengers since this could serve as a study for devices being used in aircrafts and its effects.

Is this great news for frequent flyers and those who love to use their tablets and smartphones?

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