Philippine telco commission eyes sanctions against erring telco providers

penalties on erring telco providers

penalties on erring telco providers

Let’s visit the Pearl of the Orient this time as the Philippines is trying to make stiffer penalties against telecommunication companies providing lousy service.

The National Telecommunications Commission of the Philippines has revealed that they are studying the act of imposing sanctions to carriers to address the complaints of their subscribers. The NTC has been receiving a ton of reports with regards to bad coverage and poor service.

The country has two big companies in Smart and Globe Telecom that provide wireless needs to the Filipinos.

According to NTC chief Gamaliel Cordoba, the reason behind the imposition of sanctions is that with a non-increasing number of subscribers, the awful service that they are providing their customers can no longer deteriorate.

According to Cordoba, one of the reasons why subscribers from those two telcos have been experiencing bad service is the companies’ unlimited services offer.

The Philippines has recorded the fastest pace of growth in South East Asia with regards to smartphone adoption. A 326% increase was seen during the past 12 months.

With the number set to rise in the coming months, the NTC is tightening up their regulating practices so as for the telecommunication providers in the country won’t be offering an average service.

Globe Telecom and Smart has been battling for supremacy with the latter having the edge in number of subscribers.

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