Complete the power ensemble with the Booq Mamba Catch

Messenger Bag

 Booq Mamba Catch Messenger Bag Messenger bags are an ideal thing for individuals who are on the go. Being able to bring along with you your laptop, pens and having extra storage for other things is a great thing. Being able to hold all of them and carry them around in style could add additional points to your outfit.

Booq Mamba Catch seems to be an enticing prospect for a messenger bag.

The manufacturer itself has made a name for their lines and their latest entry is great.

The Mamba Catch is made of ballistic nylon and can hold a 15.6 inch notebook. It has removable shoulder straps and has a rubber bottom.

The bag is excellently designed as there are no multiple zipper openings. It has one compartment. Once you open the flap, it will reveal multiple storage spaces and pockets that helps your organize your things.

The bag can even carry your DSLR camera and its speedlight.

The Mamba Catch is perfectly designed to be carried around. Unfortunately, the bag costs $149 so it’s a tad pricey for some to afford.

But if you’re looking for a bag that you can carry around with you that can last for years to come, then the Booz Mamba Catch is definitely the bag for you.

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