Marissa Mayer offers Yahoo employees smartphones, RIM not included

smartphone line up for Yahoo! employees

smartphone line up for Yahoo! employees Research In Motion’s BlackBerry used to be the smartphone of choice when it comes to business minded individuals. Not long ago, the word “crackberry” was often used to define individuals.

Now, BlackBerry seems to be a thing of the past, a pigment of man’s imagination.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has added more insult to an already injured BlackBerry, after she decided to leave the phone out of her company’s smartphone procurement.

Mayer informed the Yahoo employees that they will be getting the smartphone of their choice. Whether it’s a Samsung, HTC, Nokia or Apple, they could have it. The list even includes new models such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and the HTC Evo 4G LTE.

The best part about it, Yahoo will foot the voice and data bills of their employees. Such a lovely gesture!

But RIM not being a part of the selection is a big slap to the face.

Not only is RIM losing ground in the market share race but companies are turning their backs off of the once king of the smartphone market.

According to a recent study by Chitika, RIM had a 25% market share last September 2011. As of July this year, their numbers continue to dwindle and ended at 1%.

Is Yahoo reflecting the current status of RIM then?

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