iPhone 5 pre-order stocks sold out in Verizon Wireless and AT&T

pre-ordering iPhone 5

pre-ordering iPhone 5 Pre-orders for Apple’s new baby, the iPhone 5, have come and then gone. More and more people are now ordering their iPhone 5 through the Web and Apple’s iOS app store, which they say is the best place to purchase the device.

Rather than waiting for the iPhone 5 to hit the shelves on September 21, individuals went online to purchase their latest gadgets.

Verizon Wireless was the telecom company to sell out their iPhone 5. It is good to note that they have offered their clients an unlimited data plan. This may the primary reason as to why their stocks was the first to sell out.

On their website, they said that the delivery dates for their iPhone 5s will be on September 26. This goes out to all iPhone 5 colors and all variants.

AT&T on the other hand, sold out a few hours after Verizon. The reason might be because of their shared data plans. Shipping days may last from 14 to 21 business days.

Ordering through Apple’s website was difficult for some as a few reported that they were having difficulty getting in the site.

If you hate having to wait in line in Apple Stores and camping out just to get your hands on an iPhone 5, then keep your fingers crossed that you can still find a US carrier offering the iPhone 5.

Try Sprint if they still have some units.

Image Source: blog.laptopmag.com