Android devices hits the the 500 million mark?

Android activations

Android activations In what seems to be an opportune time for Google, Android top honcho Andy Rubin tweeted that around 500 million Android devices have been activated around the world.

Rubin tweeted, “There have been half a billion android activations to date with over 1.3 million added every day.”

Hugo Barra of Google agreed to Rubin’s tweet in a post in Google+.

This announcement came hours before Apple is set to release their latest iPhone prompting individuals to think that this might just be a ploy by Google to lessen the shimmer of Apple’s latest release.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt announced last week that there are already 480 million Android devices being used by individuals the world over. He uttered the statement during the unveiling of Motorola latest Razr line.

If we do the math, that is 2.9 million daily activations for Android.

This is in contrast to Google’s statement which says that they average 1.3 million activations daily for Android devices.

If the 2.9 million activations are true, then this may be the result of Motorola’s new line of Razr devices.

But if we stick to the 1.3 million daily activations then by next year, they would be hitting the billion mark.

Still, Rubin’s announcement casts a doubt whether he was saying the truth or he just wanted to place the Android on Apple’s day.

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