Apple releases new iPod nano



new MP3 player All the hullaballoo that surrounded Apple’s announcement was right. The long agonizing wait was all worth it.

But Apple’s San Francisco event was not exclusively for the iPhone 5 at all.

The Cupertino based tech firm also revealed their latest iPod device. The seventh generation iPod nano is being dubbed by the company as “the best nano we’ve ever created.”

iPod Nano fans will surely have a big smile on their face once they get their hands on this device.

This newest iPod Nano featuers a 2.5 inch multi-touch display and is 38% thinner than that its predecessors. The volume controls for the latest iPod nano is located at the side of the gadget, which by the way is occupied about half of it.

The new iPod nano also boasts of Bluetooth capability, an FM tuner to listen to local hits and has a built-in fitness tracking ability.

It also comes with the latest Lightning connector which is 80% smaller than those of its predecessors and will be retailed at $149.

Apple said during the launch that they have sold about 350 million iPods and that they “add million and millions every quarter.”

Care to buy the new Apple iPod nano?

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