YouTube brings skippable ads feature to mobile


Youtube finally allows to skip ads in its mobile version! Video sharing site YouTube introduced skippable ads way back in 2010. This became a popular feature as this enables YouTube members to skip the ad after 5 seconds and proceed viewing the video they chose to view.

Now, YouTube is finally introducing this feature to mobile devices.

YouTube, which is majority owned by Google, now extends this option to mobile YouTube viewers and this comes as a very big development. Being able to skip those unwanted ads saves valuable time to view more videos on the mobile site.

According to Phil Farhi of Google, “Giving viewers choice over ads they watch has led to a better, more engaged viewing experience, benefiting the entire YouTube community of users, advertisers and content creators.”

Google has experimenting on ways to promote mobile ads on YouTube videos. These may come in banners, promotional videos to ads that are unskippable.

YouTube’s mobile app isn’t preloaded in Apple’s latest iOS 6 operating system.

YouTube has been lording it over when it comes to video sharing. Other sites like DailyMotion have since been aggressive in their desire to unseat YouTube on top of the market but they have failed to do so.

Will this development be a good change for YouTube? Share your thoughts!

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