HTC cuts down its weight in prices

HTC is quietly in trouble rather than quietly brilliant

HTC is quietly in trouble rather than quietly brilliant

The smartphone revolution was not too kind to HTC. Sure, when Android came along, it was a salvation from having to create an entirely new operating system to compete with the then rising star Apple. HTC was not that big of a company back then, despite already making a good name for themselves. Now, deep in trouble, they resort to price reduction in hopes of getting more market share in this heavily competitive market.

I am personally quite disappointed in HTC’s current predicament. I was one of the people who fervently wanted an HTC windows mobile phone back in the day when Apple was still just making a name for itself in the iPhone. After my first Windows phone in 2006, I thought it would be the manufacturer of my next device.

Technology moved fast, and Apple rose on top of the heap, with Android chasing it at full speed. HTC was one of those companies who made Android what it is today. In fact, they were the first to come out with an Android device in the guise of the G1. Still, it was not enough, they soon fell in sales, as Samsung began dominating the Android market.HTC One X is compared side by side with the Samsung Galaxy S3

Their HTC One X is so similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of power and performance, and even beats the premium feel of the GalaxyS3 in many areas. It was an Android phone with a “premium” feel and design, and yet, it fell short in the market as people chose the more popular Samsung Galaxy S3.

HTC is in a bind. They can’t lower the quality of their products to reduce costs. That will further damage the brand known for its premium aesthetics. So the only option is to follow an old Chinese businessman’s motto: Sell low to sell many.

They will keep the devices as is, and probably keep building them in as good or better quality than their HTC One X, but they will start lowering their prices, effectively lowering profit, but hopefully increasing sales. What they need right now may not be a large overhead, but a large following that will see the brand for what it is: a quality phone manufacturer.

This is expected to extend towards future projects and devices, including maybe the upcoming Windows mobile 8 devices. Hopefully, HTC can get back on their feet and redefine the brand as a quality phone manufacturer with amazing prices for the best in technology. HTC is apparently still active in investing in future technologies like their investment Magnet Systems. Hopefully, this won’t flop like their many failed investments in the recent past.

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