Wristband that changes color when you’ve been exposed to too much UV levels


Summer is synonymous to sun, sea and all night partying. The first two are heavy on our skin, while the last one is heavy on our liver.

Applying sunscreen is one of the few ways to protect ourselves from being burnt by the sun and at the same time shields us from UV rays.

UV rays are one of the root causes for skin cancer and a number of ailments (learn more about possible causes of cancer, medical and legal ways of treatment at https://mesotheliomaexplained.com/mesothelioma-lawyers/). If you’re afraid of the latter, then you’re better off lounging at your homes or malls than frolic in the beaches. But what if you really love to go to the beach and can’t live without it?

Well, there is an option for you.

People from the Strathclyde University in Scotland are trying to develop a wristband that will help you avoid sunburn and at the same time tell you if you have been exposed to too much UV level.

This wristband is the same with what concert goers wear whenever they enter an event. It has an acid-release agent that measures the level of UV light you have picked up. If you’ve been exposed to too much UV level, the wristband changes color from yellow to pink.

But different people have different tolerance levels for UV rays, you might say.

Well, this wristband detects your skin color, and the lighter you are the quicker the wristband changes color.

Claes Lindahl’s company has already picked up the rights for the product. Hope it goes to production sometime soon!

Image Source: news.bbc.co.uk