LaCie RuggedKey: Not just another thumbdrive


Thumbdrive is a must for everyone nowadays. Forget the diskettes and the CDs that we used to keep our files. These little but monstrous devices have helped us take loads of stuff from work or school and continue working on them at home.

There are a number of thumbdrive brands out there. Selecting one is an easy task. Whether you love affordable, artsy or oddly designed ones, there is always a thumbdrive for you.

LaCie thumbdrives have been in the business ever since the dawning of this new-age tool, and now they are introducing to us their new device, which is the LaCie RuggedKey.

The LaCie RuggedKey thumb drive supports USB 3.0. It has two variants, the 16GB and the 32GB version. It supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

The design isn’t loud. The LaCie RuggedKey is designed in a shape of a key. It weighs 1.06 oz and comes bundles with software utilities.

So what would we expect from the LaCie RuggedKey?

Of course, it was developed by LaCie so it is one of the best thumbdrives in the market. The LaCie RuggedKey is water and drop resistant but it doesn’t float when you submerge it in water.

You can have your hands on the LaCie RuggedKey thumbdrive for $40 for the 16GB version and $70 for the 32GB version.

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