BiNu lets you use apps on your “dumb” phones

web access for your dumb cell phones

web access for your dumb cell phones Smartphones are flooding the cellphone market nowadays. It has changed the way we interact with people and have paved the way for greater technological advancements in years to come.

Unfortunately to some areas in our society, the smartphone is only a pigment of their imagination, as most individuals in the developing world are still stuck with “dumb” phones.

“Dumb” mobile phones are devices that run on Java applications and can browse the Web or WAP. But these lag behind smartphones in bandwidth support and can’t access apps that Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry users are now accustomed to.

Now, an Australian company would like to change that as biNu wants to develop ways for “dumb” phones to access apps via a local Java client.

BiNu gives its clients access to Facebook, Twitter and Google search and Translation, RSS news feeds and a handful of other web based apps through an Amazon-hosted virtual app.

The company claims that they already have 4.2 million unique visitors and 33 million user sessions this month.

Users can download the app using your phone’s WAP browser or by simply sending an SMS message.

The client handles the presentation of the data, displaying the information on your handset’s screen over wireless data protocol. The actual graphics work, computational power and internet connectivity required for the apps to run on biNu are being hosted in a different server in the Amazon Cloud.

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