Super Angry Birds: Kill ’em pigs with this external device


Two students from Europe developed a prototype device that can make Angry Birds’ fans lives easier, as they were able build a USB slingshot controller for the game.

Called Super Angry Birds, this device calculates the distance and the angle the bird goes in the game, by pulling back and adjusting the angle of incline of the controller.

Students from the Cophenhagen Institute of Interactive Design, Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz, developed the Super Angry Birds as their project.

The Super Angry Birds controller is currently a prototype and won’t be available to the public anytime soon. They said the device is the only one of its kind as the two has only produced it for last Saturday’s project presentation.

According to Spitz, “We definitely play in the exploration/prototyping realm. And hopefully can make these ideas into reality.”

The Super Angry Birds project was initially designed as study in Haptics or tactile feedback technology.

This device, if it can be mass produced, could surely come as a big boost to Angry Birds fanatics, since it could make life easier for them. Though the Super Angry Birds might be too bulky to tag with you along, it can definitely replace your mouse and make playing the game more real for desktop and laptop computers.

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