Skyscrpr: ads for bloggers just got easier!


If you are a blogger and would like to gain profit from it, Skyscrpr is definitely for you!

Bloggers know that selling ads is not always an easy process, since they are used in focusing on writing, rather than marketing. If you are a business owner and planning out marketing strategy then first I recommend to check out comparing decals and window films. Skyscrpr was created to make your lives easier, since it is a dashboard that manages the ads on your blog, helping you get in contact with advertisers.

It allows you to create a new ad inventory in just a few seconds, with an easy drag and drop interface for your blog.

You will be able to overview the ad sales through a real-time visual dashboard.

Advertisers will be able to purchase ads for your site through automated media kits.

What’s more important, is that it doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional blogger, since Skyscrpr still manages your ads and provides you with stats for each ad.

Skyscrpr is compatible with WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, Blogger and it seems very easy to use. In addition, it helps bloggers in the whole process of the ad, from placing it to your blog, until the payment by the advertiser.

If you are interested then, just visist and try it. It’s free and as we can guess, it’s going to be the future of ad sales in blogging!