RIM to partner with Qualcomm to bring high res graphics to Blackberry 10 OS

BlackBerry 10 high resolution graphics

BlackBerry 10 high resolution graphics Research In Motion has placed all their bets on the BlackBerry 10 to finally revitalize the life of the Canadian tech firm. Whatever they have planned, everything seems to point in the right direction starting from the backing of telecom companies last week after they presented their BlackBerry 10 product lines.

According to BlackBerry OS, the first devices to be installed with the BlackBerry 10 OS will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960T Processor.

This 1.5GHz quad-core chipset comes with Adreno 320 GPU for high resolution screens that will be standard for Blackberry 10 devices.

According to reports, the Snapdragon S4 pro chip will be one of the biggest advantages of Blackberry 10 devices, as this will enable them to support 4G LTE technology.

Speculations have been made as to who will develop devices that will carry the Blackberry 10 OS. Some rumors have said that devices that will run on BlackBerry 10 OS are already made and are only waiting to be shipped.

Research In Motion has been toying out with the idea of LTE for their devices. In a BlackBerry blog post earlier this week, RIM has dedicated an article for the importance of LTE technology.

Image Source: ibtimes.co.uk