Facebook app for iOS to receive update

Facebook app update for iOS


Facebook app update for iOS Great news for Facebook fans with iOS devices!

The social networking giant is rolling out their latest version of their iOS app which, according to the company, is twice faster than its predecessor.

Facebook has reportedly built this latest version of the iOS app from the ground up. As a result, Facebook 5.0 shall load pictures and scroll faster.

New features also include a swipe-to-close feature for images and a lot more.

If you’ve tried using the previous iterations of the app, you would surely experience a slow app that is prone to crashing.

Unfortunately for Android users, Facebook is only rolling out a version for iOS devices in the meantime.

According to Facebook, about 543 million individuals used their mobile products in June this year.

They added that their app is now installed on 7,000 different smartphone models and at the same time, about nine million apps and other websites have integrated Facebook into them. These figures were collated until March of this year.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicized his desire to push for a Facebook phone. He said, that it “really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do.”

He also added that he want Facebook to be “deeply integrated as possible.”

Facebook has finally decided to update its iOS app

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