Google to release Google Play gift cards


Gift cards are considered as one of the most convenient gifts that anyone could give to someone. Instead of thinking what to buy, they serve as a practical way to remove that problem.

Google knows this and that is why the company is making gift cards available in their Google Play store.

Android Police discovered this after they were able to get their hands on the latest version of the Google Play store.

Android Police released images showing Google Play gift cards amounting to $10 and $25. These GCs can be used to purchase music, movies, books and many more including apps.

The Google Play gift cards should increase the sales of the Android marketplace.

Currently, only credit cards are allowed to purchase stuff in the Google Play store.

Making gift cards available makes it more convenient for teens to purchase from the Android marketplace and this could eventually lead to increased total sales for the company.

The roll out of the new version of the Google Play store is just around the corner so expect to see these Google Play gift cards plastered in your favorite stores sometime soon.

Do you think this could improve sales in the Google Play store?

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