LG sold 5 million LTE smartphones


LG has announced a few days ago that they have already sold 5 million LTE smartphones and they definitely feel proud of it!

According to their press release, it was just a month ago when they had reached the milestone of 4 million sold LTE smartphones. Now, they are releasing another announcement, being optimistic about the future. The most popular LTE smartphone is Optimus LTE, having sold 2 million units, while Optimus Vu and Optimus LTE II are following with 500,000 sales. More specifically, Optimus LTE II is the first LTE smartphone with 2GB RAM and it has reached the 500,000 sales in just 70 days.

According to Jefferies & Company, LG is leading in LTE patents at a worldwide level, with a value of 8 billion dollars.

As Dr. Jong-seok Park, the CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company, notes:

“Sales of global LTE smartphones are expected to increase ten-fold this year from last year.”

“With that in mind, we are planning to introduce an even more impressive LTE line-up in the next several months second to none.”

LG seems to have found a way to compete with the big names in the smartphone market and customers seem to like it. We just have to see the new LTE line-up then!

Image Source: lgnewsroom.com