Google to award successful hackers with 2 million dollars in Pwnium 2


Google is backing words with actions, as the search engine giant is set to award cash prizes to everyone that could successfully exploit their Chrome browser.

Last Wednesday, Google announced the Pwnium 2 project. Pwnium 2 is a contest that will award $60,000 for whoever it is that can exploit their Chrome and Chromium browsers.

According to Google, this contest will be held in Malaysia this October in the Hack In The Box security conference. For those who can partially exploit the browser, Google is going to award them $50,000. While a non-Chrome exploit in Windows, apps and Adobe Flash on the other hand will fetch the hacker $40,000.

According to Google software engineer Chris Evans, “You may have noticed that we’ve compressed the reward levels closer together for Pwnium 2. This is in response to feedback, and reflects that any local account compromise is very serious. We’re happy to make the web safer by any means – even rewarding vulnerabilities outside of our immediate control.”

The company is set to award a handful of individuals the prize. Their threshold will be $2 million. If that is reached, the contest will be over.

Prepare you hacking abilities and test your mettles in the Pwnium 2!

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