Facebook copied Timeline from a Chinese company?


The idea of the Facebook Timeline didn’t really originate from the company. This according to a Chinese company after it claims that Facebook copied this feature to their website.

Cubic Network founder Xiong Wanli claims that the Timeline feature was started by their web company way back in 2008.

In a talk at the Stanford University, Harvard graduate Xiong Wanli said that the Timeline Feature that Facebook uses was debuted by Cubic Network.

Facebook launched the Timeline a year ago.

Wanli decided to raise the issue after he consulted American lawyers. He said that they knew that Facebook could have infringed their patent.

He also claims that Facebook’s F8 developer conference logo is eerily similar to his company’s logo. He even said that Cubic Network’s R&D center used to be called F8 even before Facebook launched their yearly conference.

A ton of lawsuits have been filed recently charging one tech company of patent infringement to another. Apple has been on the forefront of this litigations accusing Samsung of copying some of their technologies. While Google on the other hand is charging Apple of the same.

Will Cubic Network be successful if they go to court? We would soon find out.

Image Source: techcrunch.com


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