Display your Instagram images with the Instacube


There are a number of ways to display your Instagram images. Some services even go as far as printing those images for you. Though there are plenty of ways, only a few stand out.

Take for example the Instacube. The Instacube is an Internet connected digital gadget that allows you to display your Instagram images in what seems like a digital photo frame device.

It has a 600×600 pixel LCD display that has touchscreen features and supports wireless connectivity.

All you need to do to display your Instagram images is connect the Instacube to your home wireless network and Instagram account. That’s about it.

The screen features three buttons to turn your device on and off, while the other one gives you the ability to “Like” photos.

You can opt to choose to display your own images, images taken by people you follow and those from the “popular” feed.

Instacube runs on Android and is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Instacube is not yet in production as the founder, Savannah Peterson and her team is still trying to raise funds on its Kickstarter page.

The first 1,000 individuals who will provide support will receive an Instacube. Those who will pledge $249 or more will be able to get a “Collector’s Limited Edition” Instacube.

Image Source: oystermag.com