Apple users most loyal among other consumers

iPhone 5 projected sales

Apple fans seem to be more loyal than others

An analyst from Robert W. Baird conducted a survey studying individuals’ desire to purchase the rumored iPhone 5 by Apple and it seems like, if the survey results are correct, that sales will soar for this much awaited product.

According to William Power of Robert W. Baird, among the 2,000 individuals who were surveyed, 39% of them are set to upgrade their devices and an additional 6% of them will be eligible in the coming months.

45% of those who are set to upgrade said that they will purchase an iPhone. This includes those who are holding on to their phones in their desire to purchase the iPhone 5.

22% of those set to upgrade said that they will buy an Android device, while 31% are still undecided on what unit to buy.

Power also noted that amongst all consumers, iPhone users are the most loyal of them saying that 77% of them are planning to purchase another iPhone once a new one will be available or if they are already eligible.

On the other hand, 48% of Android users are only loyal to the product. While 2% of BlackBerry users said that they would buy another Blackberry.

So what are you among the aforementioned individuals?

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